Join DV for our Ad Verification Matters Summit in Dubai

As audience attention continues to focus almost exclusively on digital screens, advertisers in the MENA region are projected to spend over $18 billion on digital advertising by the end of 2022. And when large sums of money are at stake, it’s crucial that advertisers are confident in their media placements.

Please join the DV team on Wednesday, September 28th at the FIVE Palm Jumeirah Hotel for our Ad Verification Matters summit, where you’ll learn:

  • The importance of establishing a strong foundation of media quality
  • The current state of media quality in the region and what this means for advertisers
  • How you can adopt a more mature verification strategy to navigate the challenges of today’s digital ecosystem and drive ROI
  • What the future of measurement looks like and how quality is a stepping stone to media performance

Following our presentation and panel, we’ll move over to The Penthouse Dubai rooftop for drinks, networking and casual conversation. Interested in attending? Click below for more details!