Meta Opening Feed to Independent Brand Safety and Suitability Verification - DoubleVerify

We’re excited to provide an update to Meta’s brand safety and suitability program for its Feed (formerly News Feed) environment. Today, Meta announced that brand safety and suitability verification on Feed would be open to a select group of badged Meta business partners later this year.


DV is proud to be a badged Meta business partner. Following the Alpha phase of the process, we will work with Meta to initiate DV’s coverage of Feed. We expect to integrate this solution when Meta reaches the limited availability stage.


DoubleVerify has a longstanding relationship with Meta, and offers the most comprehensive, accredited solutions to measure and optimize campaign quality – including fraud, viewability, brand safety and suitability. DoubleVerify and our most recent acquisition, OpenSlate, were the first two companies to be certified for brand safety as part of the Meta Marketing Partners (FMP) program. The capability recognizes companies offering proprietary solutions that can help Meta advertisers review content options and control where their ads will appear.


DV’s brand safety and suitability technology protects a brand’s equity and reputation across media environments by providing advertisers with comprehensive post-campaign measurement, pre-campaign activation, category options and languages. This coverage and expertise is further strengthened through our combination with OpenSlate, which evaluates video for brand safety, suitability and context, and offers brands proven pre-campaign controls to ensure they can effectively target the most appropriate and impactful content on video-driven social platforms. Extending our brand safety and suitability controls to Feed will allow us to measure DV Authentic Ad™ delivery in this environment – offering our customers a holistic view of media quality across their campaigns.


Our partnership with Meta is built on a foundation of shared values, goals and a strong commitment to drive outcomes for brands and agencies. Evaluating brand safety and suitability in an in-feed environment has been an innovation priority for DV for some time. We look forward to deepening our partnership as we seek to extend our industry-leading brand suitability controls to Feed. Doing so reinforces DV’s promise to verify everywhere – across platforms, devices, formats and content types.


We are excited about the opportunity that lies ahead. If you have questions about this announcement or our current solutions on Meta, please contact us.