Programmatic Platforms Adopt New DoubleVerify Solution to Protect Advertisers from ‘Fake News’ Online

Turn, MediaMath and AppNexus engage DV to Filter Sites with Inflammatory & Politically-Charged Content

NEW YORK, Dec. 8, 2016 — DoubleVerify (DV), the recognized leader in digital quality solutions, today announced that their newest offering that safeguards advertisers from ‘fake news’ sites are now being integrated into the largest programmatic media trading platforms. Turn, MediaMath, and AppNexus are the first programmatic platforms to adopt the new DV inflammatory news and politics segment that was released last week. The new offering protects advertisers seeking to avoid sites that promote inflammatory, politically-charged stories, which often use unsubstantiated claims to pose as legitimate news.

Programmatic media platforms are partnering with DoubleVerify in response to a rapid and growing demand from brands and agencies to protect their media investments from the rapidly proliferating category of “fake news” sites. Nearly half of these sites didn’t exist earlier this year and traffic to many of them has more than doubled in just the last four weeks.

“DoubleVerify was able to quickly deliver a solution that addresses the demands of our advertisers around an issue that is spreading at a fast pace,” said Julius Ramirez, Senior Director, Business Development at Turn. “Marketers trust us to provide access to high-quality, viewable and brand-safe inventory. Fake news sites have the potential to exploit sensationalism and pollute the brand equity that our customers look to Turn and our partners to guarantee.”

“Ads delivered on fake news sites have the potential to not only waste media dollars but tarnish brand equity,” said Sheli Steinberg, Director, Global Partnerships at MediaMath. “We are working closely with DoubleVerify to ensure that brands are only showing up on sites that are consistent with their marketing goals and that augment their total brand strategy.”

“As advertisers increase their investment behind programmatic advertising they expect the quality of the media to follow,” said Wayne Gattinella, DoubleVerify CEO. “DoubleVerify’s unique data tools enable our programmatic partners to deliver the highest levels of brand safe, fraud free, highly engaging media to their advertising clients.”

The solution is currently available to all major programmatic buying platforms enabling advertisers to avoid these sites as part of their pre-bid screening efforts.

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