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Get Your Complete Guide on Protecting Your Brand in an Evolving News Cycle

Our guide is intended to educate advertisers on how they can best engage consumers during an election cycle, while also safeguarding brand reputation. In this guide, we highlight:

  • What is brand safety and suitability and why brands should care
  • Best practices in balancing scale and protection in an evolving news cycle
  • Election-specific tools available to ensure brands are protected while still driving performance
  • And more

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    Navigating the 2020 Election & Beyond

    We understand that the evolving news cycle presents challenges to many advertisers and we are committed to ensuring our clients can effectively manage their brand safety and suitability concerns — while still being able to support trusted publishers, news and information.

    A recent DV/Harris Poll shows that 82% of consumers say it’s a brand’s responsibility to make sure their ads appear in appropriate environments, and two-thirds of consumers would likely abandon a brand they see next to questionable content. Our goal is to provide advertisers with the tools and best practices to expand their reach to high performing news content without compromising brand protection.

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