Raising the Bar in APAC: How Media Quality and Performance Drive Outcomes

This report, developed by WARC and DoubleVerify, explores the impact of media quality in driving more effective outcomes for advertisers in APAC. It also analyzes how the digital advertising landscape in APAC is changing and identifies best practices on how to evolve and keep pace.

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Media Quality is Imperative

Uncover the key trends impacting the effectiveness of marketing spend, the unrecognized impact of quality in driving effective, efficient media campaigns, and how brands can power performance by measuring attention in digital advertising.

As the media landscape becomes increasingly fragmented in regard to consumption, test and learn strategies have to diversify and embrace these new frontiers in media. The continued development of brand metrics in reporting have been instrumental in providing advertisers another viewpoint on how new media channels perform compared to more traditional mediums.

Ali Bremner, Media Lead, TPG Telecom

With constantly rising offline media costs, we are diversifying our media mix to include new ad frontiers for reaching consumers, especially on channels where we are going to run our video ads to achieve upper funnel objectives. Colgate-Palmolive has set a customised KPI to measure our campaign’s effectiveness that collectively factors in viewability, frequency, brand safety and efficiency.

Rhea Teves, Director of Digital Channels and Media, Colgate-Palmolive

Prioritising media quality is about understanding consumers and protecting your brand. Advertisers are starting to realise that prioritising media impact and quality is more effective than a ‘low-cost high reach’ approach. I would ask the question: is it better to create a great experience for 10 potential customers, or an average or suboptimal experience for a much higher number?

Nick Barger, Senior Director, Media, Asia Pacific excluding China, Marriott International

One of the barriers we face when trying to engage verification providers is that the initial costs of engagement are higher as it relates to the budget for media buys. However, our approach has been to deploy and implement 3-4 pilots across different audiences and publisher types to build a case where we can see tangible benefits from such verified audiences.

Anjali Krishnan, Head of Media, Mondelēz

As consumers, we have learnt to rely on reviews and research when making important purchases. Similarly, ad verification plays a crucial role for brands, just like reviews do for products. By thoroughly verifying and reviewing inventory before making a purchase, we can ensure that we are making the right decisions for our brands. This proactive approach guarantees the accuracy and effectiveness of our advertising efforts, ensuring that we position our brand in spaces that will build its reputation, while avoiding compromising environments. With so much at stake, leveraging ad verification becomes an obvious choice to secure the success of our marketing campaigns.

Veneeta Ranjan, Head of Media, APAC, Ferrero

Four key findings from the research

This report, developed by WARC and DoubleVerify, explores the impact of media quality in driving more effectives outcomes for advertisers in APAC. It also analyzes how the digital advertising landscape in APAC is changing and identifies best practices on how to evolve and keep pace.

Chapter 1

Market context: APAC's unique ad ecosystem

Showcases what advertisers need to know about APAC’s digital content consumption and media landscape to reach local audiences.

Chapter 2

Industry trends: The future of digital advertising

Highlights the key trends impacting the future of the digital advertising industry and what it means to run effective campaigns in this new landscape.

Chapter 3

Opportunity: The quality imperative

Illustrates the often unrecognised impact of quality in driving efficient media campaigns that reinforce brand values.

Chapter 4

From quality to performance

Provides best practices for how brands can power media performance by measuring attention in their digital advertising.

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