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Safety & Responsibility


Trust is the foundation of customer and partner relationships and a core value of our business. At DV, we are committed to thinking beyond what is required by the law and focus on what the right course of action is for our business, our society and those affected by our choices and actions. DV’s solutions are built from the ground up by experienced and diverse teams, with security, privacy, ethics and compliance prioritized from day one. We maintain policies and standards that align with or exceed legal, privacy and AI industry compliance requirements, as well as widely accepted best practices and governance frameworks.

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Responsible AI

At DV, we believe Artificial Intelligence has the potential to benefit society in endless ways, which is why it must be developed and deployed ethically and responsibly. We aim to deliver AI that builds trust, preserves human oversight and promotes fairness and equity. To demonstrate our commitment to these values, we have completed TrustArc’s Responsible AI Certification, which incorporates principles from leading industry standards such as NIST, OECD and the EU AI Act.


Data Protection and Security

DoubleVerify was developed with modern security principles, and we continue to improve our security practices every day. DV is committed to building trust in our organization and products because we believe it is foundational to our organization. DV invests in safeguarding data and preparing for emerging security threats. 

Data Privacy Addendum


DoubleVerify meets the highest industry standard when it comes to security. DV has been evaluated by third-party security auditors and is SOC 2 Type II compliant as well as ISO 27001:2013 compliant.

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