Brand safety and Suitability

Protecting Brand Reputation Online

The volume of unsafe and unsuitable content online represents a reputation minefield for global advertisers. From inflammatory rhetoric to terrorism and fake news, the dynamic and unpredictable nature of the digital realm makes it critical to ensure brand-content alignment. DV’s comprehensive brand safety and suitability solutions protect your brand's equity and reputation — across all media environments. Download DV's 2024 Global Insights Report to discover the state of brand safety and suitability and other quality metrics across desktop, mobile and CTV.

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Precise Controls, Better Protection

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Let Us Be Your Watchdog

DV's brand safety and suitability solution provides maximum protection for global media buys — across channels and formats, from programmatic avoidance to post-bid monitoring and blocking. Leveraging our centralized set-up and management, you can rest assured that your policies will be consistently enforced across all campaigns.

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DV’s Universal Content Intelligence is an industry-leading classification engine that powers expansive content categorization across web, mobile, CTV and social environments.

Based on over 15 years of experience, DV’s Universal Content Intelligence leverages robust policy definitions, and leading artificial intelligence (AI) technology to provide advertisers with the most accurate classification, while ensuring the broadest coverage and protection at scale.

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A Custom Fit

When it comes to brand safety and suitability, one size doesn't fit all. Our solution lets brands establish consistent global governance while allowing for local flexibility. We offer comprehensive pre- and post-bid coverage. DV's Authentic Brand Suitability solutions lets advertisers create a centralized set of brand safety and suitability and fraud controls, and automatically deploy these controls across their programmatic buying platforms and campaigns. Authentic Brand Suitability offers heightened levels of advertiser protection and drives gains in both operating efficiency and campaign performance.

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Turn Insights into Action

DV Pinnacle® is the industry’s first unified service and analytics platform,
powering meaningful insights to maximize return on your digital investment.

Take Control We offer centralized set-up and management of brand safety and suitability settings across all platforms — for both pre- and post-bid buying.
Protection Across the Board Get a detailed breakdown of brand safety incidents across devices and platforms.
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The Definitive Measure of Media Quality

The DV Authentic Ad® is a proprietary, MRC-accredited metric that ensures media quality. To be counted as Authentic, an ad must be fully viewed, by a real person, in a brand suitable environment, within the intended geography. DV is the only company accredited to measure and de-duplicate ad quality in this manner — enabling brands to use the Authentic Ad® count as a defining, holistic KPI for campaign effectiveness.


DV is accredited by the Media Rating Council (MRC) for detection and blocking for property-level brand safety and suitability within desktop, mobile web and mobile apps (certain metrics only).

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