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DV has been powering digital media quality and performance for over a decade. Dedicated Fraud Lab and Semantic Science teams focus exclusively on developing cutting-edge solutions for brands, advertisers, platforms and publishers — from identifying the latest fraud schemes to safeguarding brand reputation across devices and emerging channels.


The DV Fraud Lab performs ongoing detection and analysis of new types of digital ad fraud in order to uncover the latest schemes as they occur. Launched over 10 years ago in Tel Aviv, Israel, DV's Fraud Lab consists of dedicated data scientists, mathematicians and analysts from the cyber fraud prevention community. We employ a variety of approaches to detect new forms of fraud — from AI and machine learning to manual review. Through constant analysis, scenario management and research, we pinpoint the sites, apps and devices responsible for fraudulent activity — updating our protection in virtual real time.


Based in Helsinki, Finland, DV's Semantic Science team builds AI-driven ontological tools that facilitate the semantic understanding of text. This unique competency powers DoubleVerify’s proprietary brand safety controls for advertisers and matches brands with appropriate and relevant content online. Comprised of linguists and software development specialists, DV's Semantic Science team is responsible for developing the world’s most comprehensive general-purpose ontology — identifying over 200,000 language-independent concepts, using more than 5 million rules to determine the correct meaning of a word. The result is more accurate classification and better protection for brands.


A History of Innovation

DV pioneered the verification space over a decade ago and we've been making waves ever since. Check out our track record of innovation.

Metrics That Matter

DV Authentic Performance™ builds on DV’s Authentic Impression®, a proprietary, MRC-accredited metric that provides advertisers with a definitive measure of digital media quality. The Authentic Impression® ensures that a digital ad was delivered in a brand-safe environment, fully viewable, by a real person and in the intended geography. As a natural evolution, DV Authentic Performance™ overlays key performance measures onto Authentic Impression® delivery, enabling brands to optimize their digital strategies in real time.