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Authenticating Media Quality
for Marketplaces


We partner with supply- and demand-side platforms (SSPs and DSPs) to maximize the quality and effectiveness of their inventory — building advertiser confidence and trust.


Inventory Quality and Transparency
for Supply- and Demand-side Platforms

Well-lit, transparent programmatic buying environments can be incredibly efficient and effective for digital advertisers. DV's solutions help platforms protect the brands they serve and continuously improve campaign performance — across all channels and formats.

Combating Fraud for Over a Decade

DV’s Fraud Lab combines patented technology with the expertise of data scientists and analysts to detect and prevent fraud. We regularly perform safeguards against emerging schemes, and update our platform partners over 100 times daily — ensuring timely protection.

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Viewability Measurement
Highlighting Premium Viewable Inventory

To help SSPs gauge whether digital ads are making an impact with consumers, DV provides an in-depth look at viewability metrics across inventory, helping platforms deliver value and performance to advertisers. For DSPs, DV leverages its historical data to provide viewability segments at a variety of thresholds, including IAB and custom standards.

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Inventory Intelligence for The World’s Largest Ad Platforms

DV's exchange- and SSP-level reporting is purpose-built to provide transparency into fraudulent activity and flag inventory advertisers consider to be unsafe – enhancing the effectiveness of advertiser media buys.

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DV's Platform Certification Program

Platform partners need to be just as vigilant as advertisers about fraud on emerging channels. DV launched the industry’s first CTV Targeting Certification for programmatic platforms, to protect advertisers from fraud and invalid traffic (IVT) in the CTV space.

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Media Authentication for Platforms

DV partners with platforms to maximize the attractiveness and value of their inventory for advertisers.

Fraud Prevention

Eliminate fraud across desktop, mobile, and CTV inventory.

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Brand Safety and Suitability

Package inventory in line with advertiser suitability preferences.

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Leverage DV data for viewability insights and targeting.

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Raising the Bar for Platforms

1st CTV Targeting Certification for Programmatic Platforms.
100x Daily Frequency with which DV Updates DSPs on New Fraud Signatures.
1st Brand Safety and Suitability Solution to Align Pre- and Post-bid Settings.
From Our Partners

DV is proud to work with the industry's most noted advertisers, platforms and publishers — helping to Build a Better Industry!


"DoubleVerify has been a pivotal partner of SpotX in understanding Inventory Quality since 2014. Their holistic product offering, deterministic methodology, robust reporting capabilities, flexibility and team of awesome, knowledgeable and solution-driven experts are an unmatched package within the industry."

--Nick Frizzell, VP, Operations, Inventory Quality & Planning

MoPub (a Twitter company)

"At MoPub, we have a long-standing commitment to preserve the integrity of our exchange and protect customers from the threat of fraud. As a leading MRC-accredited measurement solution for the mobile in-app world, DoubleVerify was a clear choice as a partner in our quest to eliminate IVT."

-- Anand Ramesh, Managing Director/GM Americas

Tremor Video

“At a time when CTV is our main focus, DoubleVerify’s proven reputation among our clients, coupled with their comprehensive CTV fraud filtering solution, gives us confidence that this partnership will provide brands with the safest environment for reaching and engaging consumers.”

-- Amy Guenel, Vice President of Product Marketing, Tremor Video.

DV Innovation — We Create Simple Solutions to Complex Challenges.

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