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Drive Quality Through Precision Targeting

Ensuring your media buy conforms to stringent quality standards is the most efficient way to execute an effective campaign. DV’s pre-bid solutions help to build a baseline of quality for programmatic buyers, and further drive performance through Custom Contextual targeting and viewability segments. Download an overview of how DV's programmatic solutions can help you maintain quality standards for your media buy and further drive the performance of your campaigns.


Data That Drives Outcomes

2,000+ Pre-bid Segments.
1st Programmatic Brand Safety and Suitability Solution
To Align Pre- and Post-bid Controls.
200K+ Ontological Concepts Used for Contextual Classification.

Power Programmatic Quality and Performance

Integrated across major DSPs, DV's easy-to-activate pre-bid segments help build a foundation of quality for all your media buys. With solutions that span fraud, viewability, brand safety and suitability and contextual targeting, you can leverage DV's trusted data to power the efficiency and effectiveness of your campaigns.


Only Pay for Quality

Armed with 50+ brand safety and suitability segments (15 of which are mobile-specific), 400+ IAB Tier 1 and Tier 2 contextual segments, in-market, seasonal and dynamic, and flexible fraud and viewability segments based on common advertiser thresholds, you'll feel confident you're only bidding on the highest quality media. Our programmatic segments leverage the same data and methodology as do our measurement and blocking solutions – giving you the benefit of superior coverage and proven protection across all devices and formats, including CTV.


Maximize Relevance with Custom Contextual

Contextual targeting is more than a privacy-friendly alternative to cookie-based advertising. It’s a guaranteed way to present your brand story that flows with the content your users are consuming. Our Custom Contextual solution combines the same expertise, granularity, and precision of our existing programmatic suite and extends it to hyper-relevant contextual targeting that maximizes relevance and reach. Powered by our Semantic Science engine, we offer over 200,000 ontological concepts that go far beyond keywords and sentiment to power better contextual campaigns.


Align Pre- and Post-bid Settings with Authentic Brand Suitability Targeting

In addition to stand-alone segments, DV offers the only solution that perfectly aligns pre- and post-bid brand safety and suitability and fraud settings. Authentic Brand Suitability targeting allows advertisers to create a centralized set of safety and fraud controls that can be automatically deployed across pre- and post-bid environments, using a single segment ID. Advertisers can sync pre-bid targeting and post-bid blocking strategies — augmenting protection, streamlining operations and driving superior performance.


Programmatic Optimization Made Easy

Drive efficiency with real-time DSP auction and domain data.

Gain Supply Transparency Unblind DSP inventory and track back to SSP/Exchange level for optimization.
Uncover and track instances of domain or app mismatch/spoofing.

Integrated Metrics

DoubleVerify’s Integrated Metrics allow you to access DV-measured authentication data within your demand side platform’s (DSP) interface, making it easy to monitor performance and optimize programmatic campaigns. The integration of DV’s data into your DSP’s UI eliminates the need to log into additional platforms or marry disparate data sets.


DV pre-bid solutions are available on all leading DSPs.


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