Retail Media Solutions for Advertisers

Reach Consumers at the Point of Purchase

Retail media offers advertisers a tremendous opportunity to connect with consumers when and where they’re shopping – but it’s not immune to quality and performance concerns. Monitor, protect and optimize media quality and performance across your retail media campaigns with DV. Download our overview to learn how to ensure that your retail media ads are seen by real people, in the intended geography, in brand suitable environments and are optimized for performance.

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Authenticating the Quality of Your Retail Media Investment

1st standardized retail media measurement solution for advertisers that work across retailers and platforms
90% of retail media impressions covered
~50 global partnerships

Here's What We Offer

Verify Everywhere

Measure and protect your campaigns against media quality challenges and drive performance across devices – with coverage on leading retail media inventory across the globe.

Amplify Campaign Effectiveness

Increase the sophistication of your retail media strategy by leveraging robust media quality and performance data to maximize your return on media spend.

Gain Peace of Mind

Standardized solutions for buyers and sellers help to facilitate transparency and enable measurement and optimization across the largest retailers and marketplaces.

For Retail Media, DV Offers:

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Reach real people

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Brand Safety and Suitability

Protect your brands reputation

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Ensure your ads are seen

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DV Video Filtering

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