We’re excited to partner with Uber to enable media authentication and maximize advertiser performance within the Uber app. The partnership will leverage DV’s technology and data to help Uber advertisers ensure their Journey ads are viewable by a human being and are safe from Fraud/Invalid Traffic (“IVT”).

Through the Open Measurement SDK, DV provides brands full transparency into the quality of their ad campaigns in the United States across Uber’s Journey Ads format. With DV’s quality verification technology, advertisers would benefit from:

  • Measurement Transparency: Use a trusted, objective and MRC-accredited third-party solution to authenticate media quality on Uber.
  • Fraud Verification: For advertising to perform, it must be seen by a real human being. DV identifies and helps to protect advertisers against fraud and IVT – from hijacked devices to bot manipulation.
  • Viewability Authentication: DV provides comprehensive viewability measurement, offering clarity into whether an ad has the opportunity to be seen and shedding light on its impact.

Mutual clients are able to access measurement data and insights through DV Pinnacle, the unified service and analytics reporting platform, to monitor and optimize the quality of their Uber ads campaigns.


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