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Brand safety and suitability

Making Inventory Safe for Brands

Protecting brand reputation online is critical. According to a recent DV/Harris poll study, 67% of consumers reported that they would stop using a brand product that appeared beside objectionable or fake content. Moreover, an overwhelming majority said that they hold advertisers responsible for brand/content alignment. DV Marketplace Suite can help you understand how brand safety and suitability concerns are impacting your monetization efforts, and ensure you match the right inventory with the right brand promotion.

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Offer Confidence to Buyers with DV's Brand Safety and Suitability Solutions

90+ Content Avoidance
200K Ontological concepts used
in classification
1B Keyword API calls
evaluated daily

Eliminate High-Risk Content from Your Supply

DV Marketplace Suite provides the tools and insights you need to guarantee that you offer the highest quality inventory to your buyers. DV’s Brand Safety Floor and Brand Suitability Tiers enable platforms to provide clients with peace of mind and control over how inventory is filtered before it reaches buyers. The end result is higher fill rates, CPM’s and reduced waste.

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Semantic Science is at the core of our brand safety and suitability capabilities — leveraging ontology and machine learning to drive accurate content classification and ensure the deepest, most accurate coverage.

Our solution spans web and mobile app environments and provides classification at the most granular level – even classifying underlying content within mobile apps. DV offers multiple layers of protection, including inclusion/exclusion lists, 90+ brand safety and suitability categories, keyword blocking, language targeting in over 100 languages, and even a brand-specific custom category.

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Provide Advertisers with Control and Transparency

DSPs can integrate DV's data into their platforms, including our Authentic Brand Suitability targeting solution, which perfectly aligns pre- and post bid settings. By integrating DV data into your platform, your advertiser customers can target inventory aligned with their brand values pre-bid, maximizing campaign efficiency and effectiveness.

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Turn Insights into Action

DV provides a dedicated dashboard for platform partners, giving them transparency into supply quality at its source.

Brand Safety and Suitability Package inventory in line with advertiser suitability standards.
Promote Supply Transparency Identify and resolve domain and bundle ID mis-matches across your inventory.
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DV is accredited by the Media Rating Council (MRC) for detection and blocking for property-level brand safety and suitability within desktop, mobile web and mobile apps (certain metrics only).

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