Driving Yield For Publishers


Publishers deserve to be compensated for the quality content and programming they create. DV Publisher Suite provides the measurement, insights and tools to improve ad delivery, enhance inventory quality and drive performance — all with the goal of boosting yield.

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Partnering for Success

DV Publisher Suite gives publishers clarity into how their inventory performs and how it's perceived by demand partners. With increased measurement transparency and real-time targeting tools, publishers can eliminate impression waste and maximize revenue potential.


Optimize Delivery and Performance

Yield Insights help publishers understand which campaigns are meeting or exceeding buyer objectives, and which are not. Publishers can also get details on site-wide performance, shedding light on trends that impact pricing and effectiveness.


Offer Impressions That Count

Quality Targeting Automation delivers DV data in real time, allowing publishers to optimize pricing for high-quality fraud, viewability and brand safety and suitability segments.


Gain Confidence in Your Pricing Strategy

Pattern recognition is critical in today’s complicated advertising landscape. Access market data that improves decision making and inventory strategy based on competition.


Leveling the Playing Field

DV's accredited data has been trusted by the world's largest brands for over a decade. Our goal is to provide publishers with the same degree of transparency and actionable insights — putting them in control of yield dynamics.

DV provides publishers with the industry’s first comprehensive yield solution — combining data automation, media quality insights and inventory optimization across all of a publisher’s inventory, whether direct-sold or programmatic.

DV Unified Analytics

Unified Analytics

Get actionable insights for yield optimization with intelligent reporting across all of your data sources and revenue channels.

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DV Campaign Delivery Insights

Campaign Delivery Insights

Supercharge your ops and streamline billing with visual campaign performance monitoring on a media-specific dashboard.

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Inventory Quality Insights

Inventory Quality Insights

Generate new revenue by discovering high-performing, authentic inventory based on DV fraud, viewability and brand safety and suitability data.

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Quality Targeting Automation

Quality Targeting Automation

Automatically optimize yield in real-time with ad delivery based on fraud, viewability, contextual categories and brand suitability signals.

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DV Industry Benchmarks

Authentic Direct

Automatically align on brand suitability requirements

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From Our Partners

DV is proud to work with the industry's most noted advertisers, platforms and publishers — helping to Build a Better Industry!


"We've been working with DV since the early days of their publisher beta. Their viewability, fraud/IVT and brand safety tools are well known and widely respected in the industry. We are thrilled that they've brought them to the supply side, enabling publishers like Newsweek and our global advertising partners to benefit from the very best anti-fraud tools and methodologies, the cleanest inventory and the most transparent reporting."

DV Innovation — We Create Simple Solutions to Complex Challenges.

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