2024 Global Insights: EMEA Webinar Recording

Between the proliferation of Made for Advertising content, increased opportunities on retail media networks, the promises and challenges of AI, the future of responsible media buying, the importance of attention measurement and an evolving quality landscape — advertisers have a lot to navigate.

During the 2024 Global Insights: EMEA webinar,  DV’s Collette Spagnolo (VP, Marketing Analytics) was joined by Bouesso Badiabo (Programmatic Media Lead, Europe at Colgate-Palmolive), Adam Scantlebury (Technology Director at Mediahub) and Rupert Tonn (Senior Director AdTech, Business Development at e-dialog) to unpack the DV Global Insights: 2024 Trends Report and discuss region-specific trends that make EMEA’s digital media ecosystem unique. 

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