Big Things Are Happening on CTV

Maximize Your Investment with New Performance and Quality Measurements

With Upfronts and NewFronts in full swing, do you have access to granular data to inform the right buying decisions for your brand?

There’s no doubt that CTV has the potential to provide high-impact growth. But running a campaign on CTV inventory doesn’t guarantee outcomes — CTV impressions can run while the TV is turned off or when viewers aren’t paying attention. For this reason, marketers need to evolve their campaign measurement strategies by leveraging industry advancements that generate performance insights on CTV.

Watch our webinar to learn about:

  • Media quality and performance challenges marketers face on CTV — for both programmatic and direct campaigns
  • The evolution of CTV performance measurement — from a lack of data availability to actionable insights
  • Best practices and tips for incorporating granular data into your CTV strategy to optimize higher-performing campaigns

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