We’re excited to announce that we’ve expanded our TikTok post-bid safety and suitability coverage to include support for Photo Mode content. TikTok’s Photo Mode is an organic media type (non-paid) that allows users to post up to 35 pictures at once, contained inside a single slideshow that viewers can freely browse through.

Starting now, advertisers will be able to access measurement insights inclusive of Photo Mode content type within their DV Pinnacle® dashboard.

When using DV’s post-campaign safety and suitability measurement on TikTok, advertisers are able to leverage the same insights across platforms and publishers in order to inform future media planning and buying decisions across the greater media landscape. Additional benefits of our coverage include:

  • Proprietary Technology – This solution leverages DV’s artificial intelligence, machine learning, ontology, and manual review in order to accurately analyze image, audio and text components to provide video-level classification.
  • Consistent Metrics & Classifications – Advertisers will be able to access APB and GARM-aligned brand safety and suitability settings, providing industry-trusted, transparent metrics.
  • Trusted Measurement – Advertisers can rest assured that their campaigns are measured by an independent, third-party verification provider.

We’re looking forward to expanding our existing partnership with TikTok and providing advertisers with increased confidence in their media investments and building a stronger, safer and more secure digital advertising ecosystem.


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