DoubleVerify Bolsters Media Quality Authentication on Pinterest with Brand Safety and Suitability Measurement

Global brands will benefit from DV’s industry-leading, AI-powered classification technology to gain transparency into Pinterest In-Feed inventory

NEW YORK – June 13, 2024 DoubleVerify (“DV”) (NYSE: DV), the leading software platform for digital media measurement, data and analytics, today announced an expanded partnership with Pinterest to offer brand safety and suitability measurement. With this release, global advertisers can independently authenticate campaign quality and help protect brand reputation within this engaging, user-generated online media environment. 

“We’re thrilled to bring DV’s brand safety and suitability measurement to Pinterest, ensuring campaigns meet top media quality standards while maximizing advertiser performance,” said Mark Zagorski, CEO at DoubleVerify. “DV’s advanced AI-driven classification technology allows advertisers to align their brand promotion with appropriate and suitable content – maximizing transparency, effectiveness, and confidence in their digital investments.”

With this release, Pinterest advertisers will gain:

  • Brand Reputation Insights: DV’s brand safety and suitability measurement shows whether digital advertising is aligned with non-objectionable and suitable content, helping to safeguard reputation and preserve brand equity across Pinterest in-feed placements.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: DV offers holistic media quality measurement across display and video ad placements on Pinterest.
  • Trusted Measurement: Brands can rest assured that the industry’s leading, independent, third-party verification provider authenticates their Pinterest campaigns.

DV Universal Content IntelligenceTM, the company’s industry-leading classification engine, powers its brand safety and suitability solution. Utilizing advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology, DV analyzes all key content types — including video, image, audio, speech, text, and link elements — to provide advertisers with accurate classifications and ensure comprehensive coverage and protection at scale.

“Pinterest is committed to using our platform to create a more positive experience online, and we strive to be brand safe by default with leading content policies,” said Bill Watkins, Chief Revenue Officer at Pinterest. “Through our expanded partnership with DoubleVerify, we are confident that advertisers will have the necessary tools to reach relevant, engaged audiences and help ensure that adjacent content aligns with brand values” 

In April 2020, DV announced the launch of viewability and invalid traffic measurement on Pinterest. With this release, advertisers can leverage DV’s brand safety and suitability measurement globally across all supported languages. 

Brands can access their measurement data and insights through DV Pinnacle, the company’s unified service and analytics reporting platform, to monitor and optimize the performance of their Pinterest ads campaigns.

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About DoubleVerify

DoubleVerify (“DV”) (NYSE: DV) is the industry’s leading media effectiveness platform that leverages AI to drive superior outcomes for global brands. By creating more effective, transparent ad transactions, DV strengthens the digital advertising ecosystem, ensuring a fair value exchange between buyers and sellers of digital media.