The way a brand expresses its values is becoming as important as the products it sells. Brand values impact reputation, consumer buying decisions, loyalty, and advocacy – all of which will play a very important role in the anticipated economic downturn. Advertising is one major way a brand manifests its values – aligning where you spend your media dollars with your values, including your social and environmental impact objectives. One of the key areas of concern for brands is sustainability. Increasingly, consumers are putting pressure on brands to eliminate or reduce their carbon footprint, including the emissions generated by their digital advertising. According to a recent Microsoft/Dentsu study:

  • 84% of global consumers are more likely to buy from a company that practices sustainable advertising.
  • 77% of global consumers say in 5 years time they’ll only want to spend money with brands practicing green & sustainable advertising.


And consumer concerns about the carbon footprint of digital advertising are warranted. According to Scope3’s measurement, the average video/display impression emits 1 gram of CO2 when measuring its complete supply chain – meaning 1M impressions equals a metric tonne of emissions.


In this session, we’re bringing together top brands and industry leaders – including our partner Scope3 – to speak about how brands are addressing sustainability and tracking environmental impact of their supply chains. We’ll answer such questions as:

  • How big an issue are carbon emissions in digital advertising?
  • In what ways are brands able to align their media strategy with their company’s values and commitment to environmental impact?
  • What role does sustainability play in media planning and strategy?
  • What steps can brands take to measure and reduce their carbon footprint through advertising?


Event Speakers: