Global Insights Report 2021: Driving Media Quality & Performance Worldwide


Some key takeaways from the webinar include:

  • One-third of all measured video ad impressions are now served on CTV devices in North America, making CTV the leading driver of the region’s verified impressions.
  • Not only does North America have the lowest brand suitability violation rate, the region is continuing to improve with a 6% year-over-year decrease. LATAM has the second highest brand suitability violation rate, but with a decrease of 26% year-over-year, the region is on the right track. Brand safety is table stakes, with almost all brands now using the necessary tools to avoid content that would endanger their brand values.
  • Post-bid fraud/SIVT violation rates remained relatively low across the board. While these global rates are low, it is useful to remember that much fraud/SIVT is avoided as part of programmatic pre-bid buying.
  • In the post-cookie world, context is back – it is privacy-friendly and it works. Our recent research shows users are receptive to ads that are relevant to the content they’re viewing, with a significant percentage stating that they’ve actually tried a new brand product as a result of seeing a contextually relevant promotion.




Since 2015, DV’s Global Insights Report (GIR) has provided advertisers with in-depth market-by-market analysis from North America, LATAM, EMEA and APAC to help inform digital advertising strategies. This webinar will review findings from DV’s 2021 GIR and feature marketers from major brands and agencies discussing how they’re able to leverage insights and metrics from the report to inform their digital advertising campaigns.

The webinar will uncover the state of brand suitability, fraud, viewability and performance from more than a trillion impressions in 80 markets across  2,100+ brands. We’ll also highlight significant global trends and regional findings on key metrics and engage our panel in a robust discussion on significant learnings advertisers can act upon to drive media quality and performance.

2021 global findings include:

  • 104% increase in mobile web impression volume
  • 87% increase in CTV impression volume
  • Overall fraud is down 30%, but fraudsters are finding crafty ways to target mobile app video and CTV
  • 49% decrease in brand suitability violation rate for advertisers who have adopted DV Video Filtering
  • Quality on programmatic buys now matches that of publisher buys




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