Since 2017, DV’s Global Insights Report (GIR) has provided advertisers with in-depth market-by-market analysis from North America, LATAM, EMEA and APAC to help inform digital advertising strategies. This webinar reviews findings from DV’s 2022 GIR and feature DV’s Gian LaVecchia, Managing Director of the Americas, and Collette Spagnolo, VP, Marketing Analytics, along with Yale Cohen, EVP, Global Digital Standards at Publicis Media Exchange, discussing how they’re able to leverage insights and metrics from the report to inform their digital advertising campaigns.

The webinar explores the role of measurement over time and uncovers how this makes verification poised to maximize performance over the next five years. We also highlight significant global trends and regional findings on key metrics and engage our panel in a robust discussion on significant learnings advertisers can act upon to drive media quality and performance.

2022 global findings and Americas findings include:

  • The quality of digital advertising on the open web, as measured by viewability, fraud, brand suitability and geo, is now under control because of verification mechanisms in place. The post-bid violation rate, which is the rate of measured fraud, geo and brand safety/suitability infractions, fell 6% year-over-year. DV advertisers, overall, now see an average of just 10% of combined brand suitability, fraud and out-of-geo infractions.
  • Viewable rates in North America are leveling off, which indicates that advertisers are transitioning to consider KPIs beyond viewability.
  • North American continues to lead the way with brand suitability, and violations decreased by another 10% year-over-year.
  • LATAM is the only region to exceed the IAB viewability threshold for display, and it also boasts the second highest video viewable rate. This echoes APAC findings – maturing regions will want to first focus on viewability as a prerequisite to attention.
  • LATAM has the highest brand suitability violation rate of any region, but it remained fairly consistent year-over-year.