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On December 17th 2020, a news story identified a CTV ad fraud scheme named “StreamScam.” The reporting outlined a very common approach to CTV fraud related to Server Side Ad Insertion (SSAI). In these types of schemes, fraudsters set up counterfeit SSAI servers and then manufacture CTV inventory across an unlimited number of apps, IPs and devices.

Based on our diligence and information released to the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG), we can confirm that DV’s Fraud Lab had detected the StreamScam SSAI scheme in July 2020. DV labeled this scheme “LeoTerra” and immediately began blocking it and alerting our impacted clients.

In this fraud report, we break down:

  • How LeoTerra works and how our Fraud Lab detected the scheme
  • DV’s history with SSAI detection
  • DV’s comprehensive protection against fraud in CTV

Download the full report to learn more about the process of protecting our clients from fraud schemes like LeoTerra.

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