Mondelez & VaynerMedia: Connecting Quality and Performance


Some key takeaways from the webinar:

  • Today’s media landscape is dynamic and ever-shifting. Nothing in digital advertising is set it and forget it, so a brand must continuously adapt and evolve. Establishing a foundation of quality includes four key elements:
    • Fraud: Is my ad served to a real human being?
    • Viewability: Did my ad have the opportunity to be seen?
    • Brand Safety/Suitability: Was my ad served against content aligned with my brand’s equity and values – or can it hurt my reputation with consumers? And finally…
    • Geo: Was my ad served in the intended geography?
  • A brand safety and suitability playbook is essential for brands like Mondelez and typically include 95% foundational guidelines and elements that are applicable to markets around the world. The remaining 5% tends to be additional market-specific brand suitability elements that may vary.
  • Exposure and engagement metrics mean a lot in terms of how brands and agencies evaluate their audiences and what they can take advantage of. To be able to evaluate and optimize toward lower funnel KPIs like favorability and consideration is crucial for well-known brands.
  • For both brands and agencies, it is essential to compare and contrast verification tools. In discussing why VaynerMedia chose DV as a partner, Anthony Scarola, VP of Media at VaynerMedia, had this to say: “Knowing that DV is flexible. There are very staunch reports in Pinnacle® that help us understand block rates. How important brand safety was, and the ability to be very nimble was very big for DoubleVerify.”



Ensuring media quality and optimizing performance across all advertising campaigns can be challenging for brands, especially as data privacy regulations begin to tighten. For brands like snack food giant Mondelez and their agency, VaynerMedia, however, they realized the challenge and established a baseline of media quality across their campaigns — protecting brand equity and reducing media waste by ensuring their ads are displayed alongside fraud-free, brand suitable and viewable media. Taking their strategy a step further, Mondelez built on their quality profile to drive campaign optimization and performance, with the help of VaynerMedia, by leveraging privacy-friendly engagement and exposure metrics.

In this session, you’ll learn how Mondelez began working with DV to establish a single quality “currency” across their campaigns and how they were able to level up on that baseline to drive performance.


Date: Thursday, May 13

Time: 1:30 – 2:30pm EDT


Jen Mennes, Director of Global Media Strategy & America Operations, Mondelez
Anthony Scarola, VP of Media, VaynerMedia
Dan Slivjanovski, CMO, DoubleVerify


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