Gaining Complete Confidence in Your CTV Investment

With people spending more time at home and increasingly embracing the unparalleled access to traditional TV content via smart devices and streaming apps, the media landscape has drastically shifted to enable CTV to reach new heights. According to an Advertiser Perceptions’ survey, 50% of advertisers said they felt it was possible to replace linear TV with CTV and digital video ads, and, this year, eMarketer predicts US advertisers will spend over $13 billion on CTV. However, there are some complexities with transparency, fraud and measurement that need to be addressed in order for CTV to reach its full potential.

In this session, Tori Egler, DoubleVerify’s Group Director, Midwest, will host a fireside chat with Spark Foundry’s Katie Watson, VP Technology & Activation, to discuss innovations in measuring quality on CTV. Together, the two will highlight how Spark Foundry has been able to leverage solutions like Video Complete to help clients meet KPIs and drive performance on CTV.


Time: 1:10 – 1:25pm EDT


Tori Egler, Group Director, Midwest, DoubleVerify
Katie Watson, VP Technology & Activation, Spark Foundry


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