Video Everywhere: Realizing the CTV/OTT Opportunity


Addressable TV – in particular CTV – represents one of the biggest opportunities in advertising today. The appeal of CTV to advertisers is clear when one considers the fast growth of CTV audiences, the measurability of digital video, and the appeal of sight, sound and motion on the living room’s biggest screen.

That said, the lines between TV and Digital Video have become increasingly blurred.There is much hype about budgets shifting from linear TV to addressable TV, inclusive of CTV and OTT. With this comes an expectation of granular measurement and decisioning across all video channels. But what does this brave new world really look like and what will it take to get there? In this session, Steve Woolway, DoubleVerify’s EVP of business development will discuss the future of TV, including:

  • Quality measurement: Where are we now and what gaps remain?
  • Audience measurement: Targeting audiences as they move from device to device is the holy grail. But in reality, what does it take to move from GRP to the next generation of exposure metrics?
  • And finally, how do we bring it all together – what does the future of CTV quality and performance measurement look like?


Time: 2:25 – 2:35pm EST


Steve Woolway, EVP of Business Development, DoubleVerify


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