Powering Performance with Contextual Targeting


As our industry collectively moves toward a digital world with data privacy regulations and a deprecation of cookies, marketers have revitalized their interest in today’s contextual targeting in order to reach relevant audiences. Not only has contextual targeting advanced beyond keywords over the past decade, a recent DV survey showed that 67% of consumers are open to viewing relevant ads from new brands. In this session, DV’s SVP of Programmatic Sales, Steve Mougis, will host a fireside chat with Sarah Koch, VP Group Director, Precision at GroupeConnect to discuss how innovations in contextual targeting and ontology have brought about new opportunities for advertisers to reach consumers in a cookieless world. Together, the two will also highlight key findings that bring to light the importance of aligning brand messaging with relevant content in order to drive campaign performance.


Time: 1:35 – 1:50pm EDT


Steve Mougis, SVP of Programmatic Sales, DoubleVerify
Sarah Koch, VP Group Director, Precision, GroupeConnect


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