Supporting a Healthy Information Ecosystem & Disrupting Financial Incentives for Disinformation


In 2020 the world has been changed by a series of unprecedented events — from a devastating pandemic to a global movement for social justice. In early November, the U.S. will have faced what many consider to be the most consequential election in the history of the nation. The events of the past year have clearly demonstrated the importance of access to reliable information, yet analyses have also shown that disinformation continues to be a growing phenomena and the world is now confronting an ‘infodemic.’

The monetization of disinformation through digital advertising further incentivizes its production and directs valuable revenue away from reliable, trusted publishers further harming our news and information ecosystem. In addition, advertising alongside disinformation and extremist content poses serious brand reputation concerns for many advertisers. This panel discussion will feature experts from government, media, advertising and technology to discuss methods of supporting a healthy information ecosystem and the importance of disrupting the financial incentives for production of misleading content.

This session will address:

  • The state of the media ecosystem during the pandemic and U.S. election, and road ahead
  • Identifying disinformation and preventing monetization
  • Considerations and implications of content demonetization
  • Ensuring brand safety in a hyper-charged news cycle


Time: 3:15 – 3:45pm EST


Zachary Hecht, Senior Policy Manager, DoubleVerify
Israel Mirsky, Executive Director, Global Technology and Emerging Platforms, OMD
Jacqueline O’Neill, Executive Director, Ad Operations, Vox Media
David Cohen, CEO, IAB


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