Brand Safety Best Practices: What Does a Post-COVID Future Look Like?


2020 has been one of a kind so far. A fast-evolving news cycle has left many brands reeling – trying to ensure their ads appear alongside suitable content while simultaneously ensuring the reach of their campaigns are not impacted. Context has become of paramount importance, as is the need to exercise precise control over where your ads appear. Brands, agencies and publishers need to stay on top of this at the best of times, even without a global pandemic creating new layers to this. 

Join us for a live panel discussion to understand how you should be approaching brand safety during fast-changing times, and understand what it takes to be agile enough to adapt. 

Together with industry experts, we will discuss the following questions: 

  • How do I react to a fast-moving news cycle?
  • How do I stay agile without harming my brand reputation and losing efficiency? 
  • How will brand safety evolve over the next 12 months? 

Time: 10:30am CEST
This webinar will be in German.


Richard Wagner, Business Director, DACH, DoubleVerify
Melanie Pieper, Chief Technology Officer, Eprofessional
Serge Heitmann, Deputy chairman of the focus group Digital Marketing Quality and Director Business & IT Consulting, BVDW / Media Impact
Marcel Zielke, Channel Coordinator – Digital Communication & Technology, Vodafone
Frank Puscher, Adzine


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