Who Needs Cookies When You Have Contextual?

While consumer privacy regulation is certainly something we’re all in favor of, it has fundamentally changed the way in which advertisers reach consumers. With GDPR, and the decision by most web browsers to sunset the use of third-party cookies, there is a universal shift away from third-party audience targeting. For advertisers who tend to rely on audience targeting, the post-cookie world is ushering in innovative opportunities to reach relevant audiences in a privacy-friendly way. 

In this session, we’ll discuss how new, machine-learning technologies have brought about the resurgence of contextual targeting. We’ll also discuss how today’s custom contextual targeting allows advertisers to reach audiences at each level of the purchase funnel, with the ultimate goal of elevating performance while maintaining reach.

(This session will be in Italian)


Time: 12:15pm CET


Valentina Giolo, Southern Europe Business Director, DoubleVerify
Carlotta Meneghini, Programmatic Team Lead, Vodafone



Publisher Tech in 2020: How to Simplify and Improve Revenue

Publishers are asked to make sense of multiple advertising partners every day, and on top of that, brands and agencies have begun to focus more on ad quality. How can publishers better manage both new and existing data in order to improve revenue?

In this session, Director of Publisher Business Development Mark Bausinger at DoubleVerify is joined by Debra Fleenor, CEO of AdApex, to discuss the problems for Italian publishers in today’s landscape and how they can navigate the increased complexity.


Time: 3:15pm CET


Mark Bausinger, Director of Publisher Business Development, DoubleVerify
Debra Fleenor, CEO, AdApex


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