Brand Suitability: Striking the Right Balance for Your Brand

Appearing beside objectionable content poses a reputational risk for almost any brand. Moreover, today’s fast-evolving news cycles that focus on COVID-19 and political unrest cannot be viewed through a binary lens — not all content related to these topics is negative. Fortunately, the ad industry in the region has shown improvements in media quality — particularly when it comes to brand safety and suitability. According to DoubleVerify’s 2021 Global Insights Report, brand suitability violation rates in the Philippines decreased by 43%.

In this session, we’ll discuss how the regions’ adoption of pre-bid brand safety solutions has led to such a sharp decline in violation rates. We’ll also discuss how brands in the region can ensure they’re advertising in the most suitable environments while maintaining scale and performance KPIs.

October 14, 2021
Time: 3:50PM SGT


Pritika Hemmady, Business Director, SEA, DoubleVerify
Sherry Magno, Deputy Head of Precision, Wavemaker
Julia Vergara, Country Business Director, Publicis Philippines
Matt Ware, CEO, Matterkind
Moderator: Misha Lecaros, IMMAP


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