Meeting Consent Compliance in an Evolving Cookie Landscape

The cookie landscape is shifting, yet consent requirements are still critical. Google recently reaffirmed its commitment to cease using third-party cookies in its popular Chrome browser, following similar moves by other browsers. Navigating a post-cookie world is challenging for the ad tech industry, as it explores new approaches for efficiently targeting audiences with advertising. Organizations will continue to need cookie consent solutions to adhere to privacy regulations, and pay close attention to universal consent requirements as new technologies emerge.

Join privacy veterans Beatrice Botti of DoubleVerify and Rachel Glasser of Edelman along with Securiti’s Helen Huang, as they share their insights on this important topic.

In this panel, they will explore this new world from a privacy and compliance perspective and discuss:

  • What consent management requirements will look like in this new era?
  • What should privacy and marketing teams consider as new alternatives emerge?
  • How will these changes impact consumer privacy and their expectations?
  • What best practices should organizations follow during this transition?

The panel is being positioned as a thought leadership discussion to help inform the audience on complying with consent requirements even with the upcoming changes, privacy questions and considerations to discuss internally when looking at alternatives, and how to improve consumer trust and education near-term / long-term.


Date: Tuesday, April 6


Beatrice Botti, VP, Global Data & Privacy Officer, DoubleVerify
Helen Huang, Director of Product Management, Securiti
Rachel Glasser, Sr. Counsel, Privacy and Compliance, Edelman


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