Eliminating Fraud Through the Impression Life Cycle


When it comes to reaching real users with your campaign message, fraud has always been a concern. According to a report from Juniper Research, invalid traffic and fraud schemes were estimated to steal $42 billion from advertisers across the globe last year by misrepresenting impressions, clicks, conversion, or data events to generate revenue. Thankfully, education, awareness, and detection have improved over the years. Unfortunately, as solutions improve, so do fraudsters.

Join this virtual event to:

  • Identify trends within ad fraud and discover the “new” types of fraud.
  • Learn best practices to eliminate fraud pre-bid, post-impression, post-campaign, and through active management.
  • Discover actionable insights to drive efficient return on your media investments.


Time: 10:30 – 11:15am EST


Roy Rosenfeld, SVP of Product, DoubleVerify
Antoine Barbier, SVP of Product, Ogury
Humberto Cruz, VP, Head of Digital, Havas
Samira Nejad, Senior Global Product Marketing Manager, Ogury


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Reach out to Events@DoubleVerify.com to connect with us.