Attention Matters: How Brands Can Maximize Advertising Outcomes

Attention is the heart of advertising – after all, what good is an ad creative if it doesn’t engage and mobilize its intended audience? And given the speed of digital culture and the variety of content and advertising experiences consumers encounter each day, capturing meaningful attention is increasingly challenging.


For years, marketers have tried to measure the impact of advertising through proxy metrics, such as viewability or time-in-view, which, while important, do not really correlate with outcomes. They speak to the potential an ad opportunity may have to make an impact, but true media performance is more a function of creative messaging and user engagement.


Today, the media industry has evolved to a place where we are able to measure the impact of attention itself. Privacy-friendly attention signals are transforming the way advertisers can monitor and predict campaign performance, and ultimately drive outcomes for brands. We are excited to explore this fascinating topic at CES 2023 in January, one of the largest creative forums in the world.


Our “CES Storyteller” session will discuss this paradigm shift in media measurement, and to dive into questions such as:

  • How are brands harnessing the power of attention to improve campaign performance
  • Why is now the time for marketers to embrace attention measurement?
  • As a complex, non-binary concept, how exactly is attention measured?
  • What is the future of Attention Measurement, and how can it be standardized and activated across the industry?


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