Driving Media Quality & Performance


With unsuitable placements undermining consumers’ likelihood to engage with an ad, or purchase a brand product, it’s essential that brands ensure that quality plays a crucial role in their media planning. Moreover, given today’s news coverage of political disputes, social justice and pandemic-related issues, placing ads in safe environments can be very challenging. Advertisers should be aware of the proper verification tools to protect them from both unsafe/unsuitable content, as well as ad fraud, while still allowing for proper scale. According to DV’s 2021 Global Insights Report, the LATAM region has the second highest brand suitability violation rate, when compared with other regions. However, with a decrease of 26% year-over-year, the region is on the right track.

In this session, DV’s Jaime Valdes will talk about why we’re seeing improvements in ad
quality and the impact verification has had on cleaning up the supply chain and improving
campaign performance.


Jaime Valdes, Business Director – LATAM, DoubleVerify


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