The Media Dollars You Didn’t Realize You Were Wasting


Shopper marketing plays an important role in many brands’ digital advertising strategy. Connecting with consumers at point-of-sale drives performance. Increasingly, these connection points are digital. Unlike other digital marketing campaigns, however, shopper marketing campaigns are not always held to the same standards when it comes to quality. These campaigns are often executed independently, and managed by specialist teams and/or agencies. While this allows for nimbleness when it comes to optimization, it may leave the brand exposed to wasted media spend. Fraud, viewability and brand suitability – the hallmarks of authentic media – should be integral to your shopper marketing strategy, ensuring your brand’s reputation is well-protected, and that your ad dollars are not wasted on placements that will not ultimately drive return on ad spend.

In this session, DoubleVerify’s CCO, Julie Eddleman, will:

  • Demonstrate the importance of establishing quality media in shopper marketing campaigns
  • Highlight the steps advertisers should take to ensure their shopper marketing campaigns are protected
  • Discuss how quality sets the stage for maximizing the effectiveness of media spend and the ability to better reach and engage target audiences


Julie Eddleman, EVP, Global Chief Commercial Officer, DoubleVerify


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