With constant concerns driven by a 24-hour news cycle and heightened consumer scrutiny about where a brand’s ads are served, today’s advertising platforms face a growing challenge. Now more than ever, they need to establish themselves as quality inventory sources on either side of the buy-and-sell fence in order to draw high-value inventory from publishers and earn media budgets from advertisers. DV Marketplace Suite addresses that need with a simple and transparent tool that can maintain media quality standards and provide effective risk protection at scale. 


Introducing DV’s Brand Safety Floor for Platforms

Our latest DVMS enhancement offers turnkey, one-click content avoidance capabilities that allow platforms to automatically flag and remove unsafe inventory pre-bid. This includes harmful content that is inappropriate in any context, like Extreme Graphic Violence, Copyright Infringement, Malware, Phishing, Spam, and more. 

In addition to relying on industry-accepted frameworks from the Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM), our Brand Safety Floor also utilizes DV’s semantic science capabilities to determine human readable contextual meaning and associated risk levels of a platform’s inventory. If an ad unit is identified as high-risk, it is automatically removed from the marketplace. This keeps the bidding process running smoothly and helps your partners avoid costly makegoods on wasted impressions.


A Better Ecosystem for All

DVMS Brand Safety Floor empowers platforms to showcase that they are considerate of the needs and concerns of both advertisers and publishers, and allows them to benefit from increased partner confidence no matter which side of the transaction they are on:

  • SSPs can win bigger budgets from DSPs that optimize toward partners that produce healthy metrics
  • DSPs can earn priority from buyers for demonstrating a strong investment in their brand safety and reputation concerns

DoubleVerify’s brand safety and suitability solutions are trusted by over 1,200 brand and agency customers worldwide who count on DV to provide tools and solutions for them to make decisions that endeavor to protect their reputation, provide vital insights and determine whether they are meeting ad performance and quality KPI’s. 

The DV Marketplace Team is pleased to introduce Brand Safety Floor as the latest solution for platforms that always want to put their best inventory forward, and transact more efficiently. If you’re interested in learning more, or you’d like to schedule a demo, fill out a contact form today!