Protecting Brand Integrity and Equity at Scale Across Screens, Including CTV

As consumers evolve their media usage habits, recently and most notably evidenced in the rise of streaming media, marketing and advertising are tasked with greater creativity, better strategic approaches to reaching audiences, more agile implementation and greater vigilance in protecting brands as ads traverse screens. The digital transformation of the TV marketplace has opened new possibilities and new challenges. Ad-supported CTV is growing and with it new opportunities for safeguards and revenue. Join Joris Stevens and Yale Cohen of Publicis, a top agency leader in Global Digital Standards, addresses the issues, the challenges, and the nuances in measuring and maintaining brand suitability including the latest tools from third-party vendors. Learn more about the latest trends as reported by DoubleVerify in its 2021 Global Insights Report.


Time: 2:40 – 3:15 PM ET


Joris Stevens, SVP of Global Account Management, DoubleVerify
Yale Cohen, EVP, Global Digital Standards, Publicis Media
Moderator: Sherrill Mane, Chief Strategy Officer and Partner, Fathom, a 614 Group Business Unit


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