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DV’s Fraud Lab recently identified the latest in a series of interconnected, CTV-focused schemes, all exhibiting similar behavior over the past 18 months. This “family” of interrelated spoofing schemes are operating under “OctoBot,” a large, multi-tentacled fraud operation that first became active in November 2019.

After DV shut down the first variant of OctoBot (named LowerTerra), six subsequent and similar, though increasingly sophisticated, schemes emerged. Ultimately, the seven variants in the OctoBot scheme generated billions of ad calls and spoofed thousands of apps and millions of devices — all with the intention to defraud advertisers out of millions in revenue. DV customers, however, remained protected throughout the iterations of this fraud family.

Download the full report, which highlights:

  • How the OctoBot scheme works
  • Which variant schemes are part of the OctoBot “family”
  • How DV is protecting its clients from OctoBot and other emerging schemes

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