The TV Upfronts and Newfronts provide an opportunity to further buy-side goals around video ad measurement and transparency within digital video and CTV inventory. It’s a key point in time when publishers are listening to advertiser requests and can be more open to developing solutions.

This guide is designed to assist buyers in TV Upfront and Newfront negotiations and discussions around topics related to third-party verification and performance measurement. These topics can require buyers to understand technical details and working knowledge of the latest industry trends to convey needs and point publishers in the right direction.

This guide also includes background and suggested language around key solutions that advertisers may wish to request out of their Upfront deals, especially in regard to their CTV and video campaigns. Topics include:

  1. Getting full CTV app transparency
  2. New video content-level transparency and solutions
  3. The need for advertiser-side protections
  4. Resolving the TV Off issues in CTV
  5. How to maximize audience attention