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As the usage of third-party data becomes more costly and concerning, a global tech brand decided to leverage DoubleVerify’s privacy-friendly Custom Contextual solution in order to reach their target audience in an efficient, effective and compliant manner. Custom Contextual enabled the brand to serve ads to users on pages that were similar to a list of URLs they provided — including tech news, hobby and review sites — and/or aligned with a list of hardware, cloud computing and IT service-related keywords they were interested in advertising against.

By leveraging DV’s Custom Contextual solution, the brand achieved the following results for its campaign in Australia:

  • Improved efficiencies in cost per engagement: Drove over 70% more high-value engagements
  • Surpassed benchmark and target goals: outperformed target improvement by 2.8x

Download our case study to learn more about how DV’s Custom Contextual solution was able to further drive high-value engagements for the tech brand’s campaign in Australia.