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Content consumption is evolving – there are new channels, new formats, and even new paradigms for connecting. On top of that, the news cycle has become increasingly polarized, resulting in a proliferation of inflammatory and sometimes misleading content. That is why brand safety and suitability have remained top of mind. While brands want to protect themselves, they also want to take advantage of new channels and reach new audiences.

This first-of-its-kind industry report was created to help advertisers understand the factors that should be considered as they seek to create a more nuanced approach to brand safety and suitability. The tools we’ve built are designed to address these nuances and to help advertisers identify opportunities to make meaningful connections with qualified consumers while maintaining alignment with brand values and preferences. In the report, we address:

  • What factors have the greatest impact on consumer perception of brand suitability?
  • Should brands change their brand suitability settings based on the brand, message or product they’re promoting?
  • Are there other factors – like geography or other demographics – that should be considered?
  • What steps should be taken to review and update brand suitability settings?

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