Ad tech is constantly evolving, with today’s exchanges and digital media suppliers sitting at the center of every industry shift. These platforms are focused on improving measurement and inventory quality to create operational efficiencies and differentiate themselves in an uncertain economy. Privacy-forward initiatives have also led to publishers and advertisers prioritizing direct or guaranteed transactions, making data actionability, brand suitability, and context vital for platforms to meet client needs without relying on third-party cookies. 

Intermediaries must always prove their value in the supply chain to capture ad spend, with SSPs, DSPs, exchanges and ad networks remaining essential for publishers and advertisers respectively. Marketplaces help publishers monetize their inventory effectively while enabling brands to reach the audiences they value most. As some platforms begin to involve themselves in multiple aspects of advertising transactions, the lines between the buy- and sell-side have blurred. This trend reflects the growing competitiveness of ad tech businesses and their need to distinguish from competitors.

“Media suppliers manage their business in a highly competitive environment,” said Kate Crandall, Director of Platform Product Management at DV. “It’s important for them to expand their functionality by offering clients additional controls and transparency. Growing ad spend relies on trust, and DV is focused on maximizing inventory quality and trust in the marketplace.”

DV Marketplace Suite (DVMS) meets these challenges by helping platforms better manage a complex and competitive programmatic ecosystem. As a trusted industry partner for both buyers and sellers, DV’s solutions are a natural fit for organizations that are looking to apply scaled solutions to ensure a clean and transparent media supply.


What is DV Marketplace Suite for Platforms and Exchanges?

As one of the industry’s first holistic platform solutions, DV is here to help platforms maximize efficiency and media quality to enhance offerings for both buy-side and sell-side clients. 


Unparalleled Brand Suitability and Fraud Detection Tools

Maximize brand suitability and reduce invalid traffic, ensuring that ads are seen by real people in safe environments. By combining pre-bid tools such as fraud avoidance and DV’s Brand Safety Floor with post-bid insights, platforms can provide their customers protection as a trusted source of inventory in the marketplace.

Enhanced Client Controls and Collaboration

Offer powerful and nuanced buyer controls including DV’s Authentic Brand Suitability, Contextual Categories, Brand Suitability Tiers, Viewability Segments and other integrated solutions that help clients across display, video and CTV channels. 

Marketplace Differentiation and Accreditations

DV is the industry’s first verification solution to align with APB and GARM, most notably through its accredited measurement offerings. DVMS also launched the industry’s first CTV Targeting Certification for programmatic platforms to help clients protect advertisers from fraud and invalid traffic in the CTV space. Regardless of advertising channel or clientele, DV helps platforms maximize their inventory quality in the marketplace and stand above industry peers.


The DV Marketplace Suite Effect for SSPs and DSPs

Supply-side and demand-side platforms (SSPs and DSPs) have unique use cases that are supported by DVMS. 

  • Curate Inventory: Capitalize on higher CPMs for premium inventory by packaging inventory that meets stringent invalid traffic, viewability, contextual, and brand suitability requirements.
  • Optimize Delivery: Optimize media quality KPIs, expand reach, and reduce inventory waste.
  • Create Compelling Market Narratives: Leverage DVMS to analyze supply based on key buyer metrics (fraud, brand suitability, viewability) and use these insights to attract more demand.

DV Marketplace Suite is designed to help media suppliers maximize revenue and enhance inventory quality while outperforming your competitors. Ready to get started? Contact us today.