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Emerging market disruptions across LATAM combined with today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape have made driving and measuring digital ad outcomes increasingly difficult. Download our company overview to learn how DV can help improve the quality of your media investments, protect brand equity and drive campaign performance.

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The Definitive Measure of Media Quality

The DV Authentic Ad™ is a proprietary, MRC-accredited metric that ensures media quality. To be counted as Authentic, an ad must be fully viewed, by a real person, in a brand suitable environment, within the intended geography. DV is the only company accredited to measure and de-duplicate ad quality in this manner — enabling brands to use the Authentic Ad™ count as a defining, holistic KPI for campaign effectiveness.

A New Paradigm for Digital Ad Effectiveness

DV Authentic Attention® is the first data solution in the market to provide near real-time, comprehensive data to drive campaign performance — from the impact of an ad’s presentation to key dimensions of consumer engagement. This rich dataset enables granular attention measurement at scale. Click below to learn more about our solution!

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Drive Outcomes with Dynamic AI Activation

DV acquired Scibids – a global leader in AI-powered digital campaign activation. Scibids AI empowers advertisers to optimize specific KPIs and tangible outcomes more effectively while improving operational efficiency and reducing manual lift. Click below to learn more about Scibids AI!

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