Everything You Know About Brand Safety Is Wrong 

The last few years have been a game changer for brands. COVID-19 has shifted media consumption habits, BVOD has exploded, and social media discourse gives a platform to all. Coupled with a fast-moving news cycle that thrives on high emotion, it’s never been more important for brands to reassess their safety and suitability strategies.

The new media landscape requires a new lens of examination. Marketers must recalibrate what was previously thought of as best practice in order to balance protection with scale, while continuing to engage with customers and stakeholders.

In this masterclass, DoubleVerify’s Imran Masood will outline the most significant brand safety changes and give marketers five actionable steps to help drive campaign performance whilst safeguarding their brand.

Key Info:
Where: Hilton, Sydney
When: 20th of July, 12pm-1230pm

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