DoubleVerify Partners with Group Black to Optimize Brand Safety, Opening Nearly 15% More Inventory for Black-Owned Media Monetization

An industry-leading initiative designed to help underrepresented publishers maximize inventory value

NEW YORK, NY – July 28, 2023DoubleVerify (“DV”) (NYSE: DV), a leading software platform for digital media measurement, data and analytics, today announced a partnership with Group Black, one of the largest collectives of Black-owned media and diverse creators. This collaboration is part of DV’s initiative to help underrepresented publishers maximize inventory value. In the first phase of the partnership, optimization efforts enabled DV and Group Black to open up 14.8% more of Group Black’s overall inventory and reduce blocking due to site classification by 98.6%.

Increasingly, advertisers want to ensure that their brand values are reflected in their advertising strategies. Through this initiative, based on work with Group Black, DV plans to partner with underrepresented publishers and content creators on technical standards and to champion best practices for incorporating values-based marketing into their approach to brand suitability.

“Our goal is to create transparency across the ecosystem, driving ROI for advertisers and better yield for publishers,” said Mark Zagorski, CEO, DoubleVerify. “By leveraging DV’s platform tools through our partnership with Group Black, we will expand the opportunity for brands to reach valuable untapped audiences, while driving higher returns for publishers–it’s a win-win.”

Some of the ways DV will work with publishers, networks and advertisers as part of this initiative include:

  • Optimization Analysis: Providing an optimization analysis of inventory performance to guide strategy and identify opportunities.
  • Classification Coverage: Working to ensure publisher partners have the most granular page-level classification coverage regardless of impression volume.
  • Client Advocacy: Working with advertiser clients to enable them to make decisions regarding their brand safety and suitability settings that do not limit reach.
  • Technical Partnership: Working with individual publishers to enable them to optimize ad server setup and DV tag configuration for maximum see-through rate (STR).

“Historically Black-owned media and content creators have been marginalized, leaving them at a disadvantage when it comes to monetization,” says Kerel Cooper, President of Advertising at Group Black. “Through our partnership with DoubleVerify, we are excited to work together to break this cycle, ultimately creating more opportunities for Black publishers while providing maximum value for advertisers looking to take advantage of this optimal inventory.”

DoubleVerify delivers advanced brand safety and suitability technology, minimizing “over-blocking” and maximizing campaign scale. Over a decade, DoubleVerify has developed unique, proprietary text and video classification technologies that utilize AI and ML to accurately classify and flag content, reducing post-bid block rates and maximizing inventory value, benefitting both publishers and advertisers.

DV is committed to helping brands maximize reach, promoting brand safety and suitability while supporting diverse publications and content that align with their values. This initiative is only offered in the US at launch but will be expanded internationally over time.


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