Reimagining Ad Measurement in a Post-cookie World

Around the world, the advertising industry is collectively moving toward a more privacy-friendly digital ecosystem that includes the elimination of third-party cookies and the ability to track personally identifiable information. While this is good news for our society as a whole, it has presented its share of challenges for marketers looking to reach relevant audiences. Marketers are now beginning to reevaluate which metrics matter and which solutions are the most effective in a post-cookie world.

DV’s Nachiket Deole joined Nestle’s Head of Media Management Gazal Bajaj at PITCH CMO Summit on 29th June to discuss how marketers are navigating this change and what solutions can one look at in this ever evolving space.

Tune in to the session to learn why marketers need to start to

1. Set up KPIs and measure them in the right way
2. Don’t wait for post campaign analytics, do it on the go.
3. Be consistent in measurement, you have to keep adapting the learnings.

Find out more about how DV can help you navigate this change and what solutions we have to support you in continuing to reach relevant audiences and deliver successful campaigns. Reach out here.