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Nissan Thailand wanted to improve campaign efficiency by reducing their block rate and reallocating that previously wasted media spend toward quality impressions. Nissan United turned to DV to activate pre-bid avoidance and adapt brand suitability settings to help achieve the right balance of scale and precision.

Through this partnership, Nissan Thailand achieved the following results:

  • Decreased block rate. The block rate dropped from 37% down to 7% — an 81% decrease.
  • Increased Authentic Ad Rate®. The rate of impressions that were fraud free, brand safe, in-geo and viewable increased to 93%.
  • Reinvested media savings. Nissan Thailand was able to reinvest 12% media savings that had previously been spent on blocked impressions

Download our case study to learn more about how DV’s pre-bid avoidance and brand suitability strategy increased overall campaign quality and efficiency for Nissan Thailand.