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When the global pandemic hit, Vodafone Italia found that their campaigns were not scaling as well as they had previously. This was primarily because their brand safety settings were being triggered too aggressively as content related to the pandemic — both positive and negative — dominated the news. They turned to DV to help them develop an enhanced brand safety and suitability strategy for their campaigns — enabling them to strike a better balance between protection and reach.

Through this partnership, Vodafone Italia achieved the following results:

  • Increased scale. Daily blocked impressions immediately declined by 49% and quickly returned to Vodafone Italia’s pre-COVID-19 benchmark.
  • Improved performance. In the week after implementing solutions, Vodafone Italia saw an increase in sales and a 26% reduction in CPA.
  • Maintained brand equity. Vodafone Italia successfully balanced reach and brand safety protection by leveraging best practices.


“It was imperative to protect our brand during the pandemic while maximizing campaign KPIs. By partnering with DV, we were able to implement brand suitability best practices and tools to drastically decrease our daily blocked impressions and increase campaign performance.” – Carlotta Meneghini, Vodafone Italia


Download our case study to learn more about how DV’s brand suitability strategy increased overall campaign performance for Vodafone Italia.