At DoubleVerify, our mission is to make the digital advertising ecosystem stronger, safer and more secure. Every day, we work with brands to provide confidence in their media buys — wherever and however they’re buying — including programmatic executions. That’s why we partner with leading demand-side platforms (DSPs) like Adform, to help brands improve quality and reduce wasted impressions through pre-bid optimizations and targeting.

Since 2017, we’ve worked with Adform to offer pre-bid programmatic solutions to help buyers on their platform intelligently bid on inventory. More recently, Adform expanded their partnership with DV to include our Authentic Brand Safety targeting and Custom Contextual solution. With the addition of these innovative products, DV now offers comprehensive pre-bid programmatic solutions on Adform for desktop, mobile web, mobile app and CTV channels

In addition to support for DV’s pre-bid programmatic solutions, Adform enables mutual customers to easily activate DV’s Video Filtering directly in their platform. As less than 40% of video impressions across desktop and mobile are eligible for blocking, our Video Filtering solution provides an additional layer of protection that works in conjunction with existing controls such as blocking and pre-bid avoidance.

DV Video Filtering is activated after bidding and runs collected data from the ad request through DV’s advanced fraud, brand safety, and geo detection models to ensure ads are not served on non-compliant impressions. Based on our recent analysis, Video Filtering further reduced the delivery of non-compliant inventory by 62% on average compared with placements without Video Filtering. With support for DV’s Video Filtering, our joint partnership enables advertisers to further reduce waste and minimize video infractions across devices including CTV, mobile and desktop.

We sat down with Gustav Mellentin, EVP and Co-Founder at Adform to better understand their solutions and the role our partnership plays in providing value to advertisers on their platform:


What makes Adform unique in comparison to other DSPs? 

Adform is a global, independent and fully integrated advertising platform for display and video advertising. Our unique enterprise technology – Adform FLOW – offers a superior user experience and a scalable, modular and open architecture, to enable seamless management of the whole campaign lifecycle. It provides clients with enhanced control and transparency across their advertising operations, including ownership of all data from their campaigns.


How important is quality in terms of how your customers allocate their media spend?

Quality is essential for all brands wanting to maximize their marketing budgets online, ensuring each impression reaches and is seen by a potential user. Our customers expect that when they buy impressions with Adform FLOW they will be brand safe, contextually optimized and deliver real campaign results because of the quality that comes with the DV-Adform partnership.


How have DV’s solutions made an impact on the customers using your platform? 

Our clients have been positively impacted by DV’s products, which allow them to meaningfully control, measure and optimize the quality of the media they’re buying using industry-leading technology. Clients who want quality KPIs as a key measure of the success of their campaigns can be confident that, through the DV-Adform partnership, these KPIs can be met and exceeded.


Where do you see the biggest challenges and opportunities in digital advertising over the next year?

We expect that identity will continue to shape the digital advertising space in the coming years. With that comes a renewed focus on things like transparency and control, including when, where and how an advertiser’s message is shared with the consumer.

We expect to continue to see interest from clients in products like DV’s Authentic Brand Safety and Custom Contextual targeting to enable further control across a rapidly evolving ecosystem.

CTV, video and other new formats and channels will continue to provide exciting opportunities with strong growth potential and high levels of engagement. DV’s Video Filtering capabilities provide testament to DV’s leadership in the space.


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