Finding Privacy-Friendly Solutions to Today’s Complex Digital Ecosystem


Today’s fragmented digital audiences and evolving media landscape continue to create challenges for LATAM advertisers looking to engage new and existing customers. That’s why it’s important to understand how to leverage quality data to ensure their ads resonate with their audience in the right environment. However, stricter data privacy regulations and the decision by most web browsers to eventually sunset the use of third-party cookies, are limiting the effectiveness of traditional audience targeting. Against this backdrop, alternative, privacy-friendly ways of leveraging data to inform performance are critical.

In this session, DV’s Gian LaVecchia will:

  • Discuss how LATAM brands can reach audiences who will be receptive to their product and messaging – without relying on traditional third-party audience data.
  • Highlight privacy-friendly attention metrics like engagement and exposure, which are available to help drive performance.


Gian LaVecchia, SVP, Brand Partnerships and Advertiser Sales, DoubleVerify
Pablo Rada, Media and Digital Transformation Director, North LATAM, Unilever


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